Yeri’s Instagram story

“I took a look at my photo gallery and looked over the pictures after trying to push away my depressing emotions when I heard a sudden tragic death. I thought I met a lot of people, and I felt thankful to everyone I had met so far. I also thought about the reasons to live another day. However, I want to live in a brighter world. I should be the first to put in the effort, and I hope everyone in the world is filled with love.” cr

She’s a bit weird..

original post: pann

1. [+1225, -5] I’ll tell you why this Instagram post is weird. Imagine your friend committed suicide and while you are deeply saddened by the situation, a junior who wasn’t even close to your friend posted a picture of her laughing on her Instagram saying, “I should live my life diligently, hope the world becomes beautiful.”

2. [+718, -9] I mean I understand her writing.. but did she need to post with that smiling photo of herself?

3. [+618, -6] She’s basically mentioning her contemplation and then self-reflecting on her own life after this tragedy? I feel like she is either selfish or has no common sense… Besides, with a photo of her smiling??? Is she stupid ??

4. [+184, -20] Yeri seems a bit immature

5. [+168, -3] Red Velvet is being ruined by their own members.. Is it normal to post a post with a photo laughing like that after someone’s death??

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