Irene updates Instagram

“This is Irene.
I sincerely apologize for hurting the stylist with my foolish attitude and careless words and actions.
I received a lot of help from people who gave their effort for me to get to where I am now, and I regret that I hurt them greatly with my immature behavior.
This incident has made me look back on the past, and I’m very ashamed of my poor words and actions, and I feel the importance of staff members once again.
I’ll think and act more carefully, so this does not happen again.
I’m truly sorry to the fans who support me and for causing worry because of this incident.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Wow crazy… I like Irene’s face, I can’t believe this

2. Really…? I’m not a fan but I just saw the article today… She’s the oldest member and the leader, I can’t imagine how the other members have to endure..

3. Bye..

4. Don’t appear on TV anymore. She’s permanently unable to restore her image

5. I don’t know much about Irene, so I watched her video on YouTube, but she looks kind.. Fans must be really shocked..

6. Her apology has no sincerity, she should retire from the entertainment industry

7. We should never believe in celebrities’ images on TV

8. Yeah, bye..

9. Should this type of person continue to be active? How can we watch her sing and dance on TV?

10. I’m not a fan, but I’m still shocked because she’s an idol with good image. Well, we shouldn’t believe in images of celebrities

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