Red Velvet’s Joy and IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eunbi in the same red dress

Red Velvet Joy

IZ*ONE Kwon Eunbi

original post: theqoo

1. Kwon Eunbi is so pretty

2. The dress itself is not beautiful, but both look very good thanks to their faces

3. Joy is really crazy.

4. Both are pretty but the dress is not beautiful

5. Compared to other idols, Kwon Eunbi has a small face and surprisingly small body.

6. But Joy’s first photo doesn’t look good. Also, both Joy and Kwon Eunbi are so pretty with different charms.

7. It felt like the dress didn’t catch their waist too much.

8. Kwon Eunbi is very pretty and admirable … She looks like a rich person.

9. The dress is not my hobby. But Joy is so pretty.

10. Both look good but Eunbi is so pretty