Red Velvet Joy “Injured by fireworks … Sorry for the unprofessional”

Red Velvet's Joy apologizes for the accident on stage

She said, “Luvies, I’m posting because I want to say I’m sorry. I’m scared of fireworks after seeing a firework explode right in front of me in the past and it was unexpected. On top of that, I heard ringing in my ears and I went in without saying my final goodbye to you.. I’m sorry.. I’m okay now! I’m so sorry for causing you concern.. I want to do a good job at every performance and dislike myself when I can’t react professionally to unexpected moments.. I will strongly prepare myself and work hard so that this won’t happen again in the future! I’m sorry.”


1.[+305, -19] Why did Joy apologize? The people involved were wrong! I’m always rooting for you, Joy.

2. [+184, -6] Is this something to apologize?? … Really very sad … It is not unprofessional.

3. [+116, -4] Trauma is horrifying. She always does her best and cares about her fans yesterday. She wants to inform fans to not worry about her.

4. [+68, -4] You don’t need to apologize. You always bring joy to your fans, and the fans are very grateful and happy.

5. [+25, -1] I don’t think Joy should apologize. Isn’t trauma hard to overcome? It was the organizers’ fault that didn’t let her know.

6. [+17, -1] Everyone was surprised yesterday so she posted an apology on her Instagram. I’m so glad you’re okay. I hope you always take care of yourself and get over the trauma quickly. Park Soo Young, cheer up! Fighting!

7. [+14, -1] I’m sorry. What’s up? It’s okay.

8. [+11, -0] As a celebrity, you can’t be perfect at all times, and that happened, and I hope you don’t blame yourself. That doesn’t need to apologize! I’m glad you are ok now. Take care of yourself and happy.

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