Joy’s fans are angry “She doesn’t send messages to her fans because she’s busy dating”… What happened?

Netizens are complaining about Joy not using Bubble

“Even when the other members are busy, they still send messages to fans, but because she’s in love, she has time to send messages to her lover but she has no time to send messages to her fans”

original post: theqoo

1. That’s why idols shouldn’t be in a public relationship. She’s so kind, suddenly she becomes an idol who doesn’t care about her fans

2. There are a lot of male idols who don’t use Bubble, but Joy is the only one who gets criticized because she’s a female idol

3. I feel like she’s being criticized for no reason just because she’s in a public relationship…

4. That’s why I don’t like paid communication platforms… It’s not a singer-fan relationship, it’s a money relationship

5. As an idol, why doesn’t she communicate with her fans? Can’t she send at least one message to her fans every week?

6. This is why paid communication is so bad… Of course, it would be nice if you did well, but because fans pay for it, it’s like an obligation for idols to send messages to fans

7. She posted a lot of photos on Instagram, but why can’t she send at least one message to her fans?

8. Her fans must be so sad…

9. She was on Instagram all the time… Why didn’t she do it?

10. Well, she wants to make money but she doesn’t want to communicate with her fans…