Red Velvet ‘Zimzalabim’, new mini album ranked #1 on iTunes Albums charts in 28 countries

Red Velvet's new mini album ranked #1 on iTunes Albums charts in 28 countries

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1.[+279, -48] It is a good song. Haven’t you heard the song to the end? Joy and Seulgi’s vocals are very good and Wendy’s climax part. I’m a member of the public and I like the song.

2. [+533, -329] Let’s stop. Now… The fans know everything. The reaction is so bad….

3. [+235, -26] Why do I feel good song? I love it.

4. [+178, -13] What do you deny the content of the article because the song does not fit your interests? The first place in 28 countries is FACT, and it’s proof that they’re loved by so many people, but you don’t like it. Then, you can record your summer song and sing it for yourself.

5. [+343, -184] Is it a difficult request for SM to release a summer song? This will be the best time to climb to the top of the girl group. But it is a bad song at an important time.

6. [+98, -7] What is the bad reaction to the popularity of this album? This album shows the characteristics of a group called Red Velvet. All songs in the album are good. And the public are following them.

7. [+84, -3] I love this album. Congratulations on winning first place. Red Velvet!

8. [+78, -2] Red Velvet is always cool. They don’t have to make that kind of achievement overseas. However, there are many people who can’t keep up with the level of Red Velvet in this article. This group has good quality and direction, so there are more fans who trust and listen to it.

9. [+79, -8] The new song Zimzalabim is like a global song for the world. The song is really good, and the world loves it… As a global company, SM has released a new song that foreigners will like. I love the music video, too. Best… Singing is the best…

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