Red Velvet’s new song outfit is controversial about illegal design

original post: theqoo

1. Copy too bad

2. SM must be sued

3. It’s tiresome when designers work unprofessionally, they copy and reform it.

4. Did they make those outfits? Or did they buy it?

5. Why did they copy it? Who is Coordi?

6. If you can’t design such outfits, just buy it.

7. I not only copied outfits but also concepts

8. SM, do you have conscience?

9. They copy the whole including outfits and concepts

10. This is so bad that I have nothing to say

11. SM really has no money these days

12. Not only outfit but also concept and background atmosphere

13. Why did you do that? SM;

14. If you want you just buy that design. Why did you copy it?

15. This

16. Hey, buy it, not that you don’t have money

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