Red Velvet is in group 1 vs not

To say they are in group 1…
Their YouTube views, album sales, etc. are much lower than BLACKPINK and TWICE..

To say they are in group 2…
I think there’s no girl group in the same situation as Red Velvet..

Their location is so ambiguous….
What do you guys think?

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1. [+580, -68] Even so, when it comes to group 1, everyone thinks of EXO-BTS and TWICE-Red Velvet-BLACKPINK

2. [+447, -246] Aren’t they a bit like Seventeen? Their position seems to be lower than group 1.5 and there’s something ambiguous

3. [+225, -26] People always talk about TWICE-Red Velvet-BLACKPINK and there are no other groups with as much public recognition as Red Velvet

4. [+161, -11] I’m a fan of another group, but I think Red Velvet is in group 1. To be honest, TWICE and BLACKPINK’s views and album sales are higher than them, but there’s no difference in popularity.

5. [+138, -20] Red Velvet isn’t in group 1? Their public recognition is top, if not Red Velvet, then who is..? Even if they show different concepts, they have hit songs like Red Flavor

6. [+88, -70] Their position is ambiguous. It’s true that Red Velvet’s position is lower than BLACKPINK and TWICE

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