Business profits of BIG3

Revenues and profits of SM, JYP and YG the first half of 2019

Earing from April~June 2019
Revenues: SM – 159.6B, JYP – 39.1B, YG – 78.1B
Business profits: SM – 3.8B, JYP – 9.4B, YG – 0.2B
Actual profits: SM – 0.6B, JYP – 6.8B, YG – (-6.3B deficit)

Earing from January~June 2019
Revenues: SM – 290.4B, JYP – 65.5B, YG – 142.7B
Business profits: SM – 6.7B, JYP – 15.2B, YG – (-2B deficit)
Actual profits: SM – (-3B deficit), JYP – 13.2B, YG – 2.3B

(billion won)

JYP is fine

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1. [+155, -34] YG has been out of BIG3 since a while ago. It’s been confirmed since January this year. BIG3 is now Big Hit, JYP and SM.

2. [+152, -1] SM should focus on entertainment instead of useless business activities.

3. [+83, -5] Look at the drugstore cockroaches who are upset because their agencies are going into a deficit.

4. [+74, -8] YG is out of BIG3, experts agree with that. Not to mention their image, but their profit is no better than an average small company. Big Hit is surpassing BIG3 so the word ‘BIG3’ is also pointless. It’s just Big Hit as the top.

5. [+61, -60] SM wouldn’t suffer a deficit if they give up on NCT

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