“We’re a secret connection”… Go Jun Hee x Seungri, friendly photo

Seungri’s old Instagram photo with the caption:
“With Go Jun Hee actor-nim. Hwaiting for noona’s drama. #GoJunHee #SecretConnection”

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1.[+2853, -36] Go Jun Hee and everything aside, the police’s investigation isn’t even as good as ‘Unknown Answers’. Are they stupid or are they in this together?

2. [+2311, -60] We don’t know the truth yet because everybody denies at first.

3. [+2160, -34] It’ll be fun if ‘Unknown Answers’ gets permission for launching a special investigation!

4. [+176, -0] Go Jun Hee-ssi, hurry up and sue Sports Choson. If you sue them, the police will investigate both sides. If you’re not suing them, you’ll become a main characterㅎㅎ

5. [+173, -1] She’s the noona who went to New York that ‘Unknown Answers’ revealed.

6. [+171, -5] Since Burning Sun, I’ve realized how celebrities are different from outside and inside.

7. [+158, -1] From what I’ve seen, Seungri is a pimp for sure and Seungri has some close female celebrities who also search for sponsors.

8. [+138, -1] He’s a “special connection” when he’s popular but “no connection” when he’s a criminal? Yeah right ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+114, -2] Men would know. If you’re just a fellow celebrity, you’d write “close sunbae-nim”, “close noona”, or “connection”. If you’re calling it #secret connection, it’s because you want to show it off to the world but you can’t.

10. [+111, -0] #SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection#SecretConnection

Go Jun Hee clarifies the rumors of being invited to Seungri’s services, “not true”

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1.[+2876, -36] Wow, Choi Jonghoon said, “Ugh, actress b*tches go overseas every time they’re on a hiatus.” How low is he gonna fall?

2. [+2315, -84] No one’s gonna believe every clarification that comes out. If it’s not true, you should be suing them ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+2236, -311] Everybody denies at first. There’s no smoke without fire.

4. [+321, -4] If you search Seungri’s Instagram, there’s a photo of him and her with a hashtag #SecretConnection ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+256, -5] Wow, Choi Jonghoon is a real loser. Look how he calls them “actress btches”. He calls them btches because they won’t date him. He puts them down because he can’t have them.

6. [+240, -7] I think the possibility is high~ Her popularity isn’t big enough to suffer from this controversy anyways. Is Go Jun Hee even that popular?

[Exclusive] Go Jun Hee, her casting in KBS ‘Perfume’ cancelled… Due to the Seungri rumors?

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1.[+1435, -34] She denied the rumors ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I guess the broadcast workers know.

2. [+1340, -44] She’s denying that it’s her but we’ll know once the truth gets out.

3. [+1255, -143] Park Geun Hye also said it’s not true but it was 100% true…

4. [+149, -1] She’s not a top celebrity though… Didn’t her popularity boost up at once?

5. [+130, -0] Go Jun Hee-ssi, what kind of connection is a secret connection?

6. [+130, -0] There’s a reason why Eric rejected this drama. Of course, the news spread faster in the industry…

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