Miyawaki Sakura “Kang Ho Dong is the first friend in Korea except IZ*ONE member” (Knowing Bros)

IZ*ONE Sakura names her best friend in Korea except for IZ*ONE members

Kang Ho Dong and Miyawaki Sakura joined Olive ‘Everyone’s Kitchen‘. Both received a lot of love from ‘Everyone’s Kitchen‘.

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1.[+765, -60] Wow, it’s so fun, Sakura has matured a lot.

2. [+583, -63] Lee Chaeyeon is a dancer. Skrillex – Bangarang is a suitable song.

3. [+529, -22] IZONE’s performance is crazy

4. [+491, -36] Even on ‘Knowing Bros’, Sakura and Kang Ho Dong is also match well together. He is so good at it.

5. [+377, -11] Wow, Knowing Bros is funny

6. [+198, -12] Sakura is so funny.

7. [+158, -1] What are they so cute?

8. [+160, -10] I have a stomachache because of Sakura. I think it’s so funny.

9. [+146, -20] Sakura is so pretty.

10. [+131, -6] Today, Sakura is so funny.

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