Sakura shows off the difference in style between her Chinese, Japanese and Korean photoshoots

1. Japan

2. Korea

3. China

original post: theqoo

1. I think Japanese style suits Sakura so well

2. Honestly, because she has a pretty face, everything suits her

3. Well, the Korean style and concept is the best

4. There’s a reason the Korean entertainment industry dominates Asia

5. Korean makeup makes her look natural and prettiest

6. I really don’t like Japanese and Chinese styles.. It’s because I’m Korean, right? Korean style is seriously pretty

7. In my eyes, Korean style is the best, but I think Japanese style suits her best

8. Because her face is so Japanese, I can’t really feel the difference between Japanese and Korean styles..

9. I think the Japanese style suits her best, because she is Japanese

10. It feels like China has gone after 10 years

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