Q3 revenue of 3 major agencies

Market cap

JYP – Market cap 1,352.5 billion won
YG – Market cap 832 billion won
SM – Market cap 755 billion

3rd quarter sales

JYP 34.5 billion won
YG 66.8 billion
SM 115 billion

3rd quarter business profit

JYP 11 billion
YG 3.1 billion
SM -9.6 billion (deficit 9.6 billion)

3rd quarter net income

JYP 7.7 billion
YG 1.5 billion
SM -15.6 billion (deficit 15.6 billion)

From quarter 1 to quarter 3, 2020


JYP 102.7 billion
YG 174.8 billion
SM 395.6 billion

Operating profit

JYP 33.6 billion
YG 2.8 billion
SM 5.1 billion

Net income

JYP 23.7 billion
YG 200 million
SM -17.7 billion (deficit 17.7 billion)

original post: theqoo

1. What the hell is SM doing?

2. JYP is awesomeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I can see why SM’s market cap is low

4. JYP is stable, and YG is doing well thanks to BLACKPINK, but SM-ah…

5. I’m curious about how JYP makes a lot of profits

6. I’m curious about Big Hit, where can I see this?

7. SM idols are trying their best to make money, and all of that money is poured into Lee Soo Man’s business

8. Where did SM spend all their money?…

9. JYP should spend more money on their artists

10. Where did all of SM’s money go?

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