Same clothes, but different prettiness, Jun Ji Hyun, Yoona, Suzy

Jun Ji Hyun‘s dress is another color



original post: theqoo

1. All three are pretty

2. Suzy … her hair color looks great

3. This style seems to best suit Jun Ji Hyun

4. Jun Ji Hyun looks luxurious, Yoona looks elegant and Suzy is so pretty … All three are pretty

5. Yoona seriously fits this style.

6. It’s the same clothes, but it looks a bit innocent when Yoona wear it, and it looks a bit hot when Suzy wear it.

7. I feel Yoona’s legs are strangely sexy, it’s really attractive…

8. It’s the same clothes but the feeling is different, Jun Ji Hyun is luxurious and powerful, Yoona is elegant and neat, Suzy is gorgeous.

9. Next life, let me be born like one of them. I would definitely live well.

10. They are tall and they are pretty goddesses ㅋㅋㅋㅋ So I’m not surprised they look good with that dress

11. Of course, Yoona and Suzy also fit this dress, but Jun Ji Hyun seriously is perfect …

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