SBS Inkigayo clarifies TWICE rumor, “NOT the voice of a staff, it was a copy of a CF audio”

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1. [+1315, -88] So the CF audio copy was hitting them with the facts?

2. [+1158, -106] They’re going to be scared to win #1 in the future…

3. [+425, -228] If you look at TWICE’s ballad stage when they’re not dancing, you can clearly see their singing ability
Some people say, “Some of the members are really good singers and they don’t lip-sync or AR on live broadcasts” but you know that’s not true, right? TWICE is the first Korean idol to lip-sync on You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook
Even foreign fans openly criticize them in YouTube comments. They proudly call them Queens of Lipsync.

4. [+270, -12] Shouldn’t TWICE be reflecting on themselves rather than on the staff criticism? How can they not improve this many years into their careers? They’re singers, they should sing well. They’re basically a dance group. Not one singer in the group. I hope they can show a better performance next time

5. [+193, -33] They really can’t sing though

6. [+188, -27] TWICE should’ve been the one on Queendom getting dominated by Oh My Girl or (G)-IDLE….

7. [+159, -22] They can’t sing, and that’s the fact!

8. [+149, -33] “Wow, they’re really bad at singing”, this is the phrase in the CF??? What kind of CF?

9. [+139, -6] But does this change the fact that TWICE can’t sing?

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