SBS cuts out Red Velvet’s stage from ‘2020 Ontact Gangnam Festival’

Red Velvet’s stage was completely cut out from SBS’ ‘Ontact 2020 Gangnam Festival’.

The concert was aired on SBS at 00:05 AM KST on the 2nd. The concert was recorded back on October 18th, and was aired through SBS last night. However, Red Velvet’s stage was completely edited out from the SBS broadcast. The girls had sung “Psycho”, “Bad Boy”, and “Umpah Umpah”, but all performances were gone from the airing. Although SBS has not specifically revealed why, many believe that Irene’s controversy had something to do with it. cr

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1. The other members did nothing wrong.. I feel bad for them and the fans..

2. Irene-ah, please leave the group

3. Why didn’t she leave the group? It’s clear that her scandal is hurting the group’s current image and activities, I feel sorry for the members with good skills

4. I’m just sorry for the other members… If SM wants to continue to maintain the group, they will have to somehow resolve Irene’s scandal or kick her out of Red Velvet

5. Even celebrities who are drunk driving can appear on TV, why are they treating Red Velvet like that?

6. Don’t interfere with the other members’ careers, please leave the group….

7. Only the other members and fans are pitiful, but what can they do… I don’t think she will leave the group

8. Of course, I don’t want to see celebrities like her on TV

9. Irene’s fans thought her scandal would be forgotten after a while. But I bet she can’t forever restore her image and gets hate comments under every article about her

10. To be honest, I can’t listen to Red Velvet’s songs anymore. I hate hearing Irene’s voice and seeing her face

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