SBS side “We sincerely apologize to Wendy .. We have begun investigations on the accident”

SBS issues official apology to Red Velvet's Wendy

“We wish to apologize once more regarding 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon.

During the rehearsals for Gayo Daejeon on December 25, an unfortunate accident took place. SBS wishes to once more sincerely apologize to Red Velvet’s Wendy, who was injured, as well as her family, the members of Red Velvet, and fans.

As Wendy’s recovery comes before all else, the director of SBS’s entertainment division and the staff have been working closely with her agency SM Entertainment since the accident occurred, and we are doing our best to provide adequate treatment for her injuries.

Right after the accident took place on December 25, the staff blocked off the area and called for emergency services so that Wendy could be rushed to the hospital and undergo a thorough examination. We have begun an internal investigation into understanding the exact details of the accident, and once we fully understand the cause, we will take greater care to ensure that such an accident does not occur again.

Wendy is currently undergoing inpatient treatment and examination at a hospital in Seoul. SBS promises to do our best to work with Wendy’s family and the medical staff to ensure that Wendy has a quick and full recovery.

Once again, we wish to sincerely apologize to Red Velvet’s Wendy and her family.” cr

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1. [+4019, -28] If they had apologized from the start, people wouldn’t have been this angry. Even if it’s too late, I hope SBS is doing all they can to handle this properly and and is planning compensation for Wendy.

2. [+1914, -46] They’re just telling us about the unspecified details of the accident because they don’t want this getting more controversial? They’re so cowardly and disgusting.

3. [+1577, -18] Well, the results of the investigation are pretty obvious … They’ll probably blame it on some third party issue.

4. [+915, -17] They’re leaving out any hint of blame on themselves? Anyone can see it’s their negligence.

5. [+522, -15] So damn late with this apology..

6. [+223, -5] They’re only apologizing because she’s the top idol under SM. This would’ve been quietly buried if it was someone else.

7. [+151, -1] I can’t believe they’re uploading it after a day. Why didn’t they say anything about how the accident happened? Facial injuries are a serious injury for an actively promoting idol, the pelvic fracture is a major injury that takes a long time to rehabilitate. Make sure SBS takes responsibility for everything until the end. Take responsibility for all the trauma and distress that Wendy has in the future. Besides Wendy, I hope you’ll be responsible for the damage that other members of Red Velvet group suffer.

8. [+107, -3] As soon as we see them trying to blame this on some minor staff or a third party company, we’ll boycott SBS. SBS, please show us that you can be responsible.

9. [+94, -0] After all, it’s like ‘Law of the Jungle’. They’re pretending they know nothing and closing their mouths. If you’re serious about apologizing, discipline PD, who’s in charge of the show first.

10. [+83, -0] I know how to look at people, but Wendy is really good. So I’m sadder. But I know she’s gonna overcome this because of her positive personality. Don’t be disappointed. Wendy will come back healthy.

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