SBS News Jung Joonyoung

SBS News 'Jung Joonyoung As The Participant Who Shared The Videos In The Chatroom'

Singer Jung Joonyoung, shares illegal videos in the chatroom

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2. Yeah, it’s finally being revealed now..

3. He’s already popular for being that kind of person since Ulzzang Shidae era..

4. This is seriously so dramatic..

5. SBS News is just starting now.. I’m sure they’re going to talk about this, right?

6. That means he personally recorded the videos and spread it on the chatroom, right..? Be it the video of him taking off clothes of a drunk woman or a video of him doing the sexual intercourse?
ㄴIt could be the videos that were taken personally by himself, or the videos that’s already spreading around on the Internet, but still..

7. Jung Joonyoung was once involved in a sex tape scandal, but the other parties did not any take legal actions. But who knew about the things he did with that video..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. What is he going to do now.. He’s already exposed..

9. Whoa.. I really like his songs, though..ㅠㅠ I don’t have any reasons to listen to his songs anymore now..

10. I tried to tell myself that it wasn’t him.. Whoa.. I feel bertrayed right now..

11. Hul.. He did not only participate in that chatroom, but he also spreads videos..?

12. I’m on my way to delete all of his songs from my phone..

13. He’s really becoming dust right now..

14. Aha..? I think he was in a sex tape scandal too a few years ago.. Anyway, I’m really shocked to hear that he’s the one who spreads the videos. Goodbye forever..

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