SBS takes back all tickets for Red Velvet fans’ seating area

SBS takes back all tickets for Red Velvet fans' seating area?


1. About 400 Red Velvet fans came to cheer
2. Wendy’s injury caused Red Velvet to be absent
3. SBS then decided to take back 400 tickets for this seating area, (making fans that came from far away very upset that they could not enter the show)

They even had talks about giving those seats to other artists’ fans, but ultimately ended up leaving those 400 seats empty.

original post: theqoo

1. Isn’t it better to fill the empty seats? Why?

2. So idol got injured and the fans were kicked out??? F*ck SBS

3. Really???? Is SBS crazy?

4. F*ck, SBS is disgusting

5. If they leave the seats empty, why would they kick fans outㅋㅋㅋㅋ SBS is damn stupid

6. SBS was wrong, why do they treat the fans as if the fault belongs to Red Velvet? Damn… is SBS a gangster?

7. SBS is just trash

8. Honestly, there’s no reason for fans to stay there … Bye bye SBS

9. The fans suffered too much. I feel bad for them.

10. Wow this is crazy

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