Unanswered Questions drop preview regarding Burning Sun case for next week

SBS Unanswered Questions is going to air Burning Sun related episode next week

Seungri: Who is this?

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2. Hul.. I am absolutely going to watch this next week..

3. Is that really Seungri..??

4. I’m going to order some fried chicken and watch this episode next week!!

5. Wow.. Better prepare my popcorn!

6. I wonder who messaged himㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. I’m really looking forward to it..

8. ‘Who is this?’ ‘We are from Unanswered Questions’.. Boom!

9. I watched this preview and I swear I got chills all over my body..

10. Hul.. If this is going to be aired next week, does that mean Seungri’s reps have agreed on this..?? Or the team just decided to do whatever they want?

11. Ugh.. I want to lend them my charger..

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