Who killed Jinri? … ‘Unanswered Questions’ to clarify Sulli’s death

SBS TV Program ‘Unanswered Questions’ aired a preview for their upcoming episode titled, “Rumors on top of rumors on top of rumors, Who Killed Jinri.”

The program plans to search for answers regarding what kinds of rumors Sulli dealt with and what ultimately led to her passing.

In the preview, one official commented, “There were a lot of rumors that were hard to say out loud. They were dirty rumors that would ruin the image of someone.”

Snippets of a shaman who claimed to have a connection with Sulli’s spirit as well as a man who claims to be Sulli’s boyfriend appear in the preview.

Another male, who seems to be a malicious commenter, replied, “It’s not like I’m cursing. I never told her to die. I don’t care if she dies or not.”

An interview with a reporter who wrote news about her passing commented, “It’s not news that I wrote just yesterday. You’re making it sound like I’m at fault with this.”

‘Unanswered Questions’ airs every Saturday at 11:10 PM KST. cr

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1. [+3970, -58] The program seems to be about why Sulli committed suicide. The title is “Rumors on top of rumors on top of rumors, Who Killed Jinri” …. Anyway, suicide is not something to be praised, brag or good, but at least for what , we need to understand and reflect on the minds of the dead, and we need to be prepared to help someone not die. Isn’t that what matters?

2. [+2741, -53] Journalists wrote articles about her and antis left malicious comments under each article. These days, they continue to tell people to curse under each article about Goo Hye Sun’s SNS.

3. [+1402, -58] The kids who swear and scold here are the ones who left malicious comments for Sulli.

4. [+899, -44] Sulli-ah, I miss you. Always smile and be happy even in heaven. I love you.

5. [+256, -27] You should include the Illuminati story.

6. [+206, -7] I’m surprised that no one is mentioning the responsibility of SM.

7. [+403, -250] Don’t broadcast … Did the bereaved families agree on this? You can’t let her rest until the end.

8. [+131, -23] I want to ask SBS who planned this broadcast. You’re not in a world where you have the mind like her relatives, but you’ll make issues with such provocative content and you’ll be rewarded with ratings, but what about the families and acquaintances of the dead?

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