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“The fresh spring that you all experienced was like an painful winter for me. It was a severely long night.

I wonder why the summer that felt like it’d last forever now seems like a stagnant winter to me. I have decided to work on melting the ice that has covered my heart.

The winter I experienced wasn’t something I created for myself, but I had to fight and endure it on my own. I started meeting people and began my overdue work. Sometimes, the wind would blow creating cracks, but I was grateful that it was endurable.

I’m sure that it’ll be difficult to remind myself of the past seasons, but I won’t be able to forget the scenes in my mind. That day’s weather, the smells, the activities…I got emotional trying to bury the memories because I haven’t healed. ‘Should I just quietly support you,’ is a thought that I once had. A human’s heart is selfish though, and every time I had those thoughts, the melting ice on my heart would freeze itself right back up.

I hated myself for screwing up my own seasons. I should have worked harder to fight through it, I should have done a better job pretending like nothing happened…the more I thought in this way, however, the more cunning I became. I started to feel the season you were going through.

The fierce winter wasn’t beautiful, but even in the midst of such coldness, I was able to give out a strong fragrance. I was too pitiful to crumble in this way. I felt sorry to those who shared their sunlight with me during my winter season.

I have no reason to wallow in my winter anymore. I will break the icy road. If I can’t melt it, I will break it.

In the midst of the never ending winter nights, I was able to catch a glimpse of sunlight. As I looked around, the ice that had once melted had hardened as the sharp wind blew its course. Little flower buds will soon make their appearance for the upcoming spring.

I know that there are some of you who are still going through a painful winter season. I want you to know that I am here to be that small bit of sunlight during your hard time. I hope that you will live a brilliant life.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Well, is this what you wrote? Did you debut as a writer? It was really amazing. Shin Ae-ah, find strength

2. Her writing skills are crazyㄷㄷㄷ

3. She wrote so well, it touched my heart

4. I wanted to comfort you, but I was comforted by your post, Shin Ae-ah, I support you

5. Shin Ae wasn’t just talking about herself. I think she wants to comfort others

6. Shin Ae’s post was great, it was not for the perpetrator, but a warm consolation for the victims

7. Shin Ae-ah, you must be happy

8. I hope you are happy, I really support you

9. She writes so well. Wow… I thought she just had good acting skills, but her writing skills are good too

10. Shin Ae-ah, I will always support you

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