Seo Shin Ae was attacked after Soojin left (G)I-DLE “Are you happy that Soojin’s future is ruined?”

Following the announcement of Soojin’s departure from the group, her fans have bombarded Seo Shin Ae’s YouTube channel with agitated comments, accusing her of “ruining someone’s future.”

original post: theqoo

1. Her fans are crazy and stupid

2. Because of those fans, I will never forget Soojin’s scandal for the rest of my life

3. Soojin ruined her own future

4. This is not the time to worry about Soojin’s future, just live your own life

5. Why did they do this to Shin Ae? Are they crazy?

6. She’s the one who ruined her future

7. Shin Ae, please sue them

8. Why do they keep blaming others?

9. Irene’s fans, Soojin’s fans, Jo Byung Gyu’s fans, are the worst

10. Soojin’s future is ruined by Soojin’s past ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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