Seo Ye Ji’s company released a statement

“Hello, this is Gold Medalist. This is our official position on the recent reports regarding actress Seo Ye Ji.

Firstly, we would like to apologize for the delay in sharing our official position.

As a result of our confirmation with Kim Jung Hyun, it was clearly confirmed by him the drama-related controversy was not caused by Seo Ye Ji, and he expressed his own intentions on sharing his official position. However, he said it would take time to share his own statement as there are many overlapping issues. Due to the continuous escalation of the controversy, we were told that it was okay to announce our position first, and make our position clear. Once again, we would like to apologize for the delay in expressing our opinion.

Also, we would like to apologize for the damage caused to the movie ‘Recalled’, the other actors, and reporters as our actress was not able to attend today’s press conference and media preview.

Apart from Kim Jung Hyun’s position, we would like to express our own position. It is hard to understand using common sense that the main actor of a drama can act without their own free will according to someone’s wishes according to the controversial content released. It’s practically impossible for an actor to perform and film without any free will.

It was not shown in the released conversations, but there was also a conversation between Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji where he asked her not to film a kiss scene while she was working on a different drama. Seo Ye Ji also told him ‘well then you don’t do that either,’ and the two exchanged conversations mixed with jealousy about skinship with others. This can be seen as a common love quarrel between an actor and actress who are in a relationship while also working in the same industry.

However, all actors and actresses can film normally, separating themselves from their love quarrels with their significant other. We believe Kim Jung Hyun must have had other personal circumstances as well.

Additionally, the part of the conversation that was publicized is a conversation between individuals that shouldn’t have been disclosed. We think it caused a big misunderstanding because the conversation between two lovers was not kept private.

As a result, we deeply regret the fact that we have caused many people to feel concerned with Seo Ye Ji’s immature feelings in her relationship.

We have also received a lot of questions about Seo Ye Ji’s educational background recently, so we will take this opportunity to answer. Seo Ye Ji had prepared for admission to Madrid’s Complutense University of Madrid, but she was unable to attend normally as she began her acting career in Korea.

Moreover, we would like to say that the additional allegations of school violence made against her are not true at all.

Once again, we would like to apologize for causing concern.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Bye and don’t appear on TV anymore~

2. Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun should apologize to all the actors, Seohyun, writer, director, staff, and viewers at that time

3. Just retire

4. Seems like it’s true she never went to university

5. Wow I got goosebumps.. Please retire

6. One thing for sure, Seo Ye Ji has a part in it and she’s reaping what she sowed

7. Is her agency crazy? If you look at the content, it seems they admit it all

8. I don’t want to see the two of them on TV, please retire

9. Didn’t she say that she went to university in Spain?

10. Seo Ye Ji who ruined others’ drama and Kim Jung Hyun who ruined his own drama

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