Seolhyun before and after changing her eyebrows’ shape

Seolhyun before and after changing her eyebrows' shape

Her eyebrows since her debut

Her current eyebrows

Until ‘Good Luck’, she definitely had straight eyebrows and ever since ‘Excuse Me’, they slowly started to become more arched

original post: theqoo

1. Seolhyun looks much prettier after changing her eyebrow shape, she’s getting prettier as she gets older….. Anyway, the first one is cute and the second one is pretty like a goddess

2. I like the older eyebrow shape, but the second one is better for Seolhyun

3. How can a person be so pretty? If I were pretty like Seolhyun, I would have done anything I wanted

4. Of course, both are pretty, but the second one looks confident, attractive and suits Seolhyun’s image better

5. She’s so pretty…. I was in awe when I saw her in real life

6. I changed her eyebrows’ shape and looked prettier… Why does she look prettier these days?

7. I think the first one is prettier, I find Seolhyun prettier nowadays. Looks like your eyebrows do affect your looks

8. She looks prettier and cooler

9. I think she’s prettier, but she’s pretty in both

10. Both are pretty with different emotions

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