Kim Seolhyun’s Instagram where it’s been quiet for a month… Malicious comments vs cheering comments

In Kim Seolhyun’s last Instagram post, fans who support Kwon Mina and fans who support Kim Seolhyun are competing for comment

original post: theqoo

1. Cheering for the bully? Wake up;;

2. Why are you guys cursing at Seolhyun?… What will be solved if you curse at her?

3. Mina almost died today, but why is there still someone cheering for the bully? If the bully wasn’t a celebrity, then there definitely wouldn’t be any shields

4. I didn’t curse at Seolhyun but the fact that the image of her in my eyes changed…

5. Mina said that Seolhyun was the bystander, but not the bully. No one knows what Seolhyun did, except for Mina

6. I don’t know what happened between Seolhyun and Mina. Mina doesn’t talk about Seolhyun as clearly as Jimin… And stop malicious comments..

7. To be honest, Seolhyun is also being bullied online

8. I don’t want to curse at anyone but Jimin

9. Don’t shield the bully

10. Please apologize to Mina as soon as possible….

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