Seungri asks the public to judge him with no anger and unbiasedly

Seungri asks public to judge him unbiasedly

In an interview with Joseon IIbo on the 22th, Seungri said, “No one would believe me no matter what I say now. Even the investigation has proven me innocent, people would think that I bribe the police to say so. I really want to explain since the news being informed about Burning Sun are becoming different from the facts that I know”

Seungri also explained that he tried to stop JJY regarding the videos, “When he met (the girls) offline, I told him ‘Please don’t do something like that. You’ll end up in a big trouble’. I did not only stop Jung Joonyoung, but also everyone else. It’s just that it wasn’t stated in the Kakao Talk. Public have been suspecting for everything that is written in the chatroom, but what about the conversation we had in the phone call? Or the one we had when we personally met up? The public wouldn’t know anything about that, right.

My only wish is for the investigation and the result to be proceed unbiasedly. I noticed that people have been connecting YG Ent to Choi Soonsil, Bigbang, Kim Hank Eui, Hwang Gyo An, etc. I’m a celebrity. I don’t know any of them. It’s terrifying to see them trying to connect it to politicians. I am currently going through investigation cooperatively. I hope everyone would stay calm and out of anger until the results come out, I would be grateful if they judge unbiasedly.

Seungri asks public to judge him unbiasedly

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1.I’m being really unbiased right now..

2. It pisses me off even more to see him talking like thisㅋㅋ

3. Shut up, you crazy jerk..

4. Didn’t you retire from the industry..? It’s not like you’re coming back anyway, why do you care so much about your image on the public’s eyes..?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just focus on your case~

5. I seriously don’t think he’s in his right mind..

6. I think you’re the one who’s angry here..

7. Bullshit..

8. I have never been this unbiased before..

9. He’s the epitome of shameless..

10. He’s being ridiculous, for real..

11. He thinks he’s the shit here..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

12. Who is him to tell public what to do and what not to do..??

13. What kind of bullshit is this..??

14. Who are you to tell us so..??ㅋ

15. Ok, so you’re expecting us to not be angry right now..????

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