*trigger* Seongsu-dong “Penthouse” With What Money? Madame Lin’s Operation

Seungri becomes the nation's traitor by selling off Korean's land to madame Lin

Madame Lin (from Taiwan) have invested 30 billion won in real estate in Korea, however, because the authorities have not reported about the cash being carried in, people started to wonder how in the hell did this money suddenly came from.

It was later reported that:
Madame Lin has invested 1 billion won in Burning Sun, and 3.8 billion were invested in Seoul’s Seongsu-dong luxury appartment, and another 24 billion won in Lotte World Tower’s penthouse.

Lin has invested in total 30 billion won in real estate in Korea
(~26M USD)

the Korean customs have not declared a single won that was carried in
Lin’s acquaintance claims that she came in Korea without any money
So how was Lin able to bring in so much money?
One of Lin’s relative revealed to MBC that she has kept all this money in virtual currency.
She would keep exchanging small amounts of currency right after the exchange rates rise and will make money like that

Lin’s acquaintance explains that one of Burning Sun’s VIP she met was her virtual currency investor.
Lin’s acquaintance:
“The Burning Sun’s VIP is the one who approached Lin. And how did they know about Lin?
It was because Lin always hung out with Seungri… Those people hung out together in Taiwan, he even went to madame Lin’s house…”

Lin used a so-called “Kimchi premium” and was able to trade her virtual currency with HK and Taiwan.
Because virtual currency is more expensive in Korea, Lin would buy her virtual currency for cheaper overseas and sell it for a lot higher in Korea.

Lin’s acquaintance:
“Let’s say we bought 2M won worth of bitcoins and was able to get 100 bitcoins in Korea, we could buy 300 to 400 bitcoins in Taiwan or China with the same amount”

Lin learned from Burning Sun’s MD rep that it was impossible to keep track of virtual currency,
so as expected, she was able to bring this cash in Korea

Right now, Madame Lin is under investigation with the police

Seungri becomes the nation's traitor by selling off Korean's land to madame Lin

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1.[+1993, -15] Expose every single one of those Burning Sun VVIP…

2. [+1501, -25] Seungri f~~~cker, so he was a pimp letting our country’s blood suck by those chnks

3. [+1430, -64] Seungri is literally our new Yi Wanyong (t/n: Korean prime minister who’s considered a national traitor for being pro-Japan and signing the JP-KR annexation treaty). He’s selling our country to other countries to eat us alive, using Korea’s black money and letting foreigners own our land, letting them buy our houses, he’s trash just like those pro-Japanese

4. [+813, -19] Letting others lay their feet in our land, he’s like Yi Wangyong but letting ch*nks win over us

5. [+495, -22] So when are the anticorruption police supposed to catch Seungri?

6. [+167, -2] When he’s hungry, he sells our country’s women’s bodies to Vietnam and China, and earn money using the Bigbang’s name, he’s a f*cker who sold our country away!! He’s seriously the top of all trash!!!

7. [+148, -0] That’s right, there’s still one journalist who has enough honorㅠ We all knew that Burning Sun’s scandal would be buried down, and I was losing all my strength… This is too much, isn’t this something that absolutely needs to be investigated??? Are those anti-corruption folks really doing their work????

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