Seungri, military service due to arrest warrant is denied … “There is no reason to postpone”

Seungri maybe enlisted after the arrest warrant is denied

According to the Military Service Act, those who were arrested or convicted of a crime would be postponed, but Seungri is still investigating, so there is no reason to delay his military service.

When Seungri‘s arrest order was canceled, Seungri would soon enlist unless he applied for a postponement or if there was a dramatic reversal in the investigation.

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1.[+392, -9] Let’s have a demonstration

2. [+214, -1] We should not let the case go this way.

3. [+155, -3] You know, it’s like Seungri’s script.

4. [+127, -10] Just join the army right away, and you’ll find yourself in front of the DMZ, and I’ll curse you every day to step on the landmine that was lost in action!

5. [+101, -2] The army is too scared to receive Seungri. You know, who is behind him.

6. [+29, -0] This is why he says Korean law is good. Is this our country?

7. [+27, -0] I’ll go out if we have a demonstration. I want to hold demonstrations.

8. [+8, -0] Sending him to the army to protect people is not enough to keep a sex dealer isolated from society.

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