Military notifies Seungri of enlistment … If he enlists, will be under military court

On February 4, the Military Manpower Administration announced, “We have sent Seungri a draft notice for the purpose of fair imposition of the duty of military service following the conclusion of his investigations. We have continuously stated that we would ‘order his enlistment in the same procedure as per usual when the investigations end.’ This is because there is concern that prolonged trials in civilian courts will lead to complications in imposing the duty of military service on him. When Seungri enlists, jurisdiction over his trials will be transferred to the military courts in accordance with the related laws.”

The Military Manpower Administration states that Seungri’s enlistment date and army unit will not be revealed as they pertain to his personal information. cr

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1. [+1747, -24] He was accused of colluding with the police and gambling… What a great country! If this was China he would’ve been shot down already.

2. [+1321, -13] Don’t send him to the army, he won’t be of any help at all. Just send him to prison.

3. [+785, -86] So they’re going to transfer him to the army so that he can collude with the military too~ ~ How is his scandal to be handled by the military courts?~ Or is the Blue House trying to watch over him too?

4. [+445, -6] I don’t get it. Why should he be tried under military court?~~~~

5. [+283, -5] If he’s going to be tried in military court, of course it will be to his advantage! How perfect!

6. [+108, -2] In this case, don’t they usually give him a notice of enlistment once the case is closed or he’s completely acquitted? But if he joins the army, he still gets military trial? Why? I don’t understand. It’s not like he caused this scandal while he was an enlisted soldier so why is he being tried under the military court? And they’ll be cooperating with prosecutors for this? They sent him a notice of his enlistment because if he was found guilty, he wouldn’t be able to join the army and he would be forced into the public interest?

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