Seungri, under suspicion of facilitating prostitution, to enlist in the army on March 9th

Seungri to enlist in the army on March 9th

On February 21, officials stated that Seungri is quietly preparing to enlist to the 6th Infantry Recruit Training Center on March 6.

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1. [+381, -6] He’s seriously above the law…

2. [+210, -6] “Seungri is the law,” Let’s make a documentary!!! If someone steals a bag of snacks from the supermarket, they will be arrested by the police, but him..

3. [+194, -10] Isn’t it natural to go to prison rather than the army? What an unfair world. I hate this world of evils.

4. [+108, -3] What? Who’s behind him?

5. [+70, -3] He needs to go through the investigation.

5. [+27, -2] Amazing.. How can this be?

6. [+18, -6] Boycott BIGBANG

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