Seungri, “Law works like shit in Korea. That’s why I love it”

Seungri's recently leaked chatroom about the law in South Korea
Seungri's recently leaked chatroom about the law in South Korea

Park XX: For example, the business that XXX is doing right now is illegal. But look at the people keeping it down since the punishment is unclear
Seungri: That means there wouldn’t be any problem with us to. If we gets busted, just stuff it up with money
Seungri: Do it. XX talk with hyung.
Park XX: Okay
Seungri: Law Works like shit in Korea, that’s why I love it.

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1.Just imagine how much he belittles people who root for him, and how he thinks the whole world is his that he could do things like that..

2. We’re not interested in leaked celebrities KKT chatroom what so ever. Please investigate people who keep their mouth shut because of money..

3. I’m not even surprised at all now..ㅋㅋㅋ

4. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate him even more…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. We don’t want to see leaked chatrooms anymore now. Just expose and punish them all..

6. Why do they keep on leaking the chatrooms one by one..? Just put it in txt file and expose it all at once..

7. Ok, so who’s the person who keep their mouth shut because of money..?

8. I seriously hate him..

9. Now it’s the time to expose all the people who shut their mouth because of money..

10. Stop putting all the spotlight on the celebrities, start investigating the higher-ups..

11. Korean polices are the best^^~~

12. I’m not surprised at all now~ Finish your investigation, I hope we will never get to see you on TV anymore..

13. I’m sure there are a lot of people connected to this case, but they don’t get exposed because they’re not celebrities.. I’m curious about them too..

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