Seungri’s younger sister, from “please help my oppa” to -> changing account to private

Seungri's Younger Sister Sets Her SNS Account To Private

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1.[+5,119, -81] She’s evil. She wasn’t backstabbed by him at all. She obviously knew what kind of person her oppa is all along. Their entire family’s a mess.

2. [+4,679, -35] Funny coming from a guy who would’ve gone nuts if his own dongsaeng was a hidden camera victim. Sigh, so dirty, just dirty.

3. [+3,951, -83] She got backstabbed by her own oppa;;;

4. [+337, -2] Can’t believe the victim Kim Sang Kyo fought against this family all by himself this whole time… His mother threw up all day after watching footage of her son get assaulted. Thugs harassed their home and the police didn’t protect them… and yet he remained brave and kept going. He deserves an award.

5. [+247, -1] I’m sure the entire family lived off of the money the oppa made ㅋㅋㅋ even opened ramen restaurants for the aunts and all ㅎㅎ I wonder if the family can even stay in Korea anymore after all their faces have been on TV with ‘I Live Alone’… I guess they’re rich enough to go live overseas ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+208, -2] I actually see the entire family as an issue. His mother was an inspector at Burning Sun and his father went around saying his son would never do anything like that while his little sister tried to cosplay as the victim to gain sympathy… Makes you realize how important upbringing is in family.

7. [+167, -0] I still don’t get how a ba$tard with a little sister of his own can not only prostitute girls out but even share hidden camera videos, tsk tsk tsk. He’s just not human.

8. [+139, -0] It was just a few months ago that she was on TV with him on one of the hottest TV shows, ‘I Live Alone’… for this to happen just months later, after her face has been revealed to all… I bet she regrets doing that now.

9. [+127, -7] Can’t believe she begged people to save her oppa when she probably knew exactly what was going on in her family..

10. [+123, -0] Seungri should’ve sat his dongsaeng down with the other girls when he was offering them up for prostitution. Or drugged his own dongsaeng too when hidden cameras were being filmed. Why? Why is it okay for other women to suffer that but not his own dongsaeng? Just like how he wouldn’t want that to happen to his own dongsaeng, he should know to respect other women too.

11. [+120, -0] Would Seungri have gone “ㅋㅋ’ too if something like this had happened to his dongsaeng… He’s trash. Just knowing that he has a dongsaeng of his own just makes him worse than a dog.

12. [+107, -0] I don’t think Seungri would ever understand the severity of what he’s done unless his own dongsaeng was drugged at a club, taken up by Jung Jun Young, and had her hidden camera shared in his own group chat.

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