“Target the top 3 major awards ceremonies in the US + Daesang”.. Seventeen comes back with ‘dark concept’

SEVENTEEN shares their dream of performing at Grammy, Billboard and American Music Awards + Daesang

On September 16, SEVENTEEN held a showcase to mark the release of their third studio album, “An Ode.”

Joshua shared some of his dreams for the future, saying, “I have three dream stages in mind. I want to show our songs and our performances at the Grammy Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, and the American Music Awards.”

SEVENTEEN shares their dream of performing at Grammy, Billboard and American Music Awards + Daesang

Woozi said, “When we were alone, we would joke often that we wanted to receive a Daesang. Rather than thinking of our own achievements, I think we talked about such big goals because we wanted to lift our fans to an even higher place. We want to go to a big awards ceremony in the United States and we want to receive a Daesang in Korea. Our goal is to go as high as we possibly can. This is a goal we want to accomplish for Carats.”


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1. [+580, -308] I don’t even know one of them…;;;

2. [+237, -23] They’re not saying that they’re aiming for the top 3 awards in the US. They’re going to be Seventeen artists and that is their dream. I don’t understand why people think differently. If you don’t like it, don’t read the article. Should you leave hate comments like this?

3. [+224, -13] They are really good idols,, They can choreograph and write songs themselves.

4. [+440, -256] It’s not easy to attend the awards ceremony in the US…..

5. [+115, -3] SEVENTEEN’s 3rd album, fighting!

6. [+116, -10] Why do you want to swear just by looking at the title but not reading the article properly, know exactly why you’re going to swear. Why are you talking about BTS here? Did SEVENTEEN members say that the achievement that BTS got seems easy? If you are not interested in SEVENTEEN, don’t see the article.

7. [+87, -0] SEVENTEEN, fighting!

8. [+83, -2] Carats always support Seventeen. Don’t listen to people who don’t even know you. Don’t listen to people who talk about lowering your efforts. Someday, there will be a day when that effort will shine. Thank you for coming back to different genres. Seventeen is my singer. I’m so lucky to know you. Because of you, I can live my life for the better.

9. [+77, -1] SEVENTEEN will shine.

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