SEVENTEEN side, Controversy about the flight being late “Paperwork issues, sorry”

SEVENTEEN side, Controversy about the flight being late "Paperwork issues, sorry"

Someone who claimed to have been a passenger on SEVENTEEN’s June 17 flight from Japan to Korea wrote, “I traveled from Okinawa to Korea on the same flight as a certain boy group, and because of them, the flight was delayed by almost an hour.”

Pledis Entertainment:

“Although SEVENTEEN arrived and checked in on time, the airport held up the members due to issues with their paperwork,” said the representative. Due to the weather at the time, [the plane] was already scheduled to depart 30 minutes late, but it’s true that the issues with SEVENTEEN‘s paperwork further delayed the flight.”

The representative added, “Although it was unintentional on our part, we apologize for the fact that our paperwork issues ended up delaying the time of departure.”


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1.[+907, -134] If you want to apologize, you should have done it there. If there’s an issue like this, is it an apology?

2. [+432, -84] It only takes less than a minute to complete the re-entry documents. You will not take an hour to write for others.

3. [+421, -77] You should apologize to the passengers that day.

4. [+254, -80] What kind of documents did you write for 30 minutes?

5. [+190, -81] I think they are being criticized because they are celebrities. Even if you’re an ordinary person, you can wait for this. If you read the article carefully, they arrived at the airport in time and even checked in. How does it help you in your life if you want to blame them?

6. [+128, -41] Is it possible for over 20 people to fill out paperwork so quickly? I mean, it’s not a problem for people who haven’t been to the airport, it’s not a problem that can be solved by simply giving documents, and the airline said they shouldn’t have to fill it out in the first place, and the person who caught them on the spot is just swearing at the singer.

7. [+132, -48] With the staff and the bodyguard, there’s about 30 of them. Why is it that the airline said they shouldn’t have to fill out the paperwork, but it’s too late to fill it out because it’s because of the celebrity and the staff? Read the article correctly.

8. [+106, -22] Why should the singer apologize for this? I don’t understand why you’re blaming the other side for the delay because of the airline and the bad weather.

9. [+116, -34] There are a lot of people who can’t measure the angle of complaint. The airline said they didn’t need the re-entry documents, but they were caught at the airport, and if you’re anxious to cut them down, you can get a complaint.

10. [+105, -28] If you read it carefully, the airline said it wouldn’t be necessary at first, but later asked you to fill it out when it was boarding time. Why are you cursing at the boys? Frankly, this is not their fault, this is not an apology, this is a moral apology…. Is there anything wrong with them?

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