SEVENTEEN vs NCT, who is boy group that ranked 2nd?

SEVENTEEN – upvote
NCT – downvote

[+492, -322]

original post: pann

1. [+206, -80] First week sales: Seventeen is higher, Hit songs: Seventeen has more hit songs, Digital: Seventeen is better

2. [+178, -82] It’s Seventeen after BTS

3. [+130, -180] You should look at total sales, not first week sales. NCT Dream sold 2 million copies. Digital is similar between the two groups. It’s NCT after BTS

4. [+86, -27] Seventeen has “Don’t Wanna Cry” as a hit song but NCT doesn’t have any hit songs

5. [+73, -13] Looking at first week sales, it’s Seventeen

6. [+66, -12] I’m a fan of female idols, I know Seventeen has good songs, but I don’t know any NCT songs