Information about SEVENTEEN’s domestic and foreign activities in the second half of the year

SEVENTEEN will be temporarily promoting as 11 members without Jun and The8, who will be returning to China to carry out activities in their home country

original post: theqoo

1. I heard that they will be making a comeback in October, they will be making a comeback with 11 members?

2. I like Seventeen as a group with 11 members, Jun and The8 are communist idols

3. I guess the Chinese members will leave the group this way

4. I like Seventeen, but I think it’s time for the Chinese members to leave the group

5. I guess they’ll be like Lay

6. I support Seventeen’s activities with 11 members

7. I’m not a fan, but what happened to the two of them…

8. Once they return to China, they will never go back to Korea

9. Why did they renew their contract??? I like SEVENTEEN’s stage, but honestly, they’ll be fine even without these Chinese members on stage

10. Just work hard and live in China

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