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3.CARAT apologizes for cyber bullying without reason

12.Light sticks colors

This happened after the awards ceremony

original post: theqoo

1. Kiss??..

2. Bangtan fans changed their light stick colors during other singers’ performances. Why is Seventeen’s fandom against Bangtan’s fandom again?

3. Bangtan fan all paid to go watch them perform, we even cheered for Seventeen. They didn’t even thank us and they’re doing this..

4. Why are Seventeen fans like this recently..? Are they really fans? Even during MAMA, they were making a fuss over why they gave the award to BTS and they’re here now, why are they always against us?

5. But even we didn’t cheer for Seventeen, is that a problem? Is there any reason we should cheer for them? I don’t understandㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seventeen’s fandom is f*cking weird

6. We went there to cheer for Bangtan, not the other singers.. It’s not like Bangtan stole Seventeen’s award.. Why are you guys always acting up against Bangtan’s fandom?

7. Don’t touch Bangtan, it’s frustrating..

8. What the hell are they saying? The Army changed our light stick colors during other singers’ performances;; Rather than thanking us, they’re against us..

9. I hate that fandom these days

10. What the hell are Seventeen fans doing? It’s ridiculous, not once or twice

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