Should BTS enlist this year? The government discusses improving foreign travel permits

According to government officials, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism are expected to discuss how to improve the overseas travel permit system of celebrities who have not been enlisted.

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1. [+746, -245] Olympic gold medal winners are exempt from military service; International music contest winners are exempt from military service. I think the reason why these people are subject to military exemption is because of the one thing that promotes national interest…. So, BTS is more likely to foster national interests than these people. I think we should exempt military service for BTS, they’re not individuals but treasures in Korea… The answer is to give a quick exemption.

2. [+428, -112] They promote national prestige… Is there anyone like this? Think of a way to exempt them.

3. [+224, -35] Please postpone their military service

4. [+147, -20] Please improve quickly

5. [+123, -29] Why do you always mention BTS?;;; They’re going to take care of themselves

6. [+71, -5] They can go to the military at any time, but BTS’s national prestige is at a time. Even if they’re not exempt, you should postpone it. BTS deserves to be exempt from military service more than baseball and football players.

7. [+71, -26] If it’s BTS, I agree with the exemption!! They’re promoting Korean culture. Is this not much better than the Olympic gold medal?

8. [+63, -23] I’m not a fan, there are other artists who are promoting national prestige like BTS. But I think BTS’s military exemption is reasonable for anyone. I hope the Defense Ministry makes the right decision.

9. [+56, -20] Don’t give preferential treatment to politicians and their children, and should you give the same special treatment to BTS for its national reputation?

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