Sungmin, Kangin, are you participating? .. Super Junior, worried about the perfect comeback

Should Super Junior comeback to full including Sungmin and Kangin?

Super Junior has announced plans for comeback in the year and has not decided whether to join member Sungmin and Kangin.

Kyuhyun, said in a recent interview, “Super Junior will return this year.” He was careful and could not answer questions about the full participation of the members.

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1.[+320, -144] I thought that the members in this post’s photo are absolutely perfect for Super Junior fans.

2. [+230, -89] Why do reporters talk about full comeback? ㅋ 9 people in the picture are enough, Super Junior has lost their image in the eyes of fans.

3. [+156, -47] “Full group” are OT11 line. ELF arround the world need them all together again: Latin, Arab, Euro, USA, SouthAsia… We make a World TrendingTopic a few weeks ago. It’s time to listen us, SM and SJ Label.

4. [+210, -109] There are 9 full members, and that’s enough for comeback.

5. [+107, -28] YES OT11 FOREVER

6. [+90, -17] Please we need the 11 your Latin American fans will be grateful

7. [+91, -25] LATIN ELF, miss Sungmin And Kangin! FOREVER SUPER JUNIOR 13+2

8. [+61, -5] These two members are not just turning their backs on the fans, but their betrayal not even thinking about the members. If they comeback together, it’s only for overseas fans. Foreign fans don’t know how big Kangin’s sins are in Korea. The fans in Korea will collapse into pieces.

9. [+133, -79] My Super Junior has only 9 people …?

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