Shouldn’t Tzuyu sue them for that picture?

I’m not a TWICE fan, but I was strolling around my area and I saw a bar in the shopping area with multinational women?
And on the billboard was a picture of Tzuyu
I want JYP to know about this

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1. [+177, -1] They’re really putting Tzuyu everywhere… Oh my God…

2. [+110, -1] Please let me know where the picture was taken!

3. [+102, -0] That’s so disgusting

4. [+50, -0] This isn’t only Tzuyu, the other girls are also victims. The other girls look like Thai celebrities.

5. [+32, -0] Aside from Tzuyu, the other girls on the billboard are foreign celebrities. Usually, pictures of Korean actresses are always stolen and posted on international websites as if they were hookers, they would use their pictures to create fake profile pictures, and I have seen many such cases. But TWICE’s faces are very well known to the public in Korea… so I understand why you did something like that?? I hope JYP sues them.

6. [+31, -0] What is JYP doing?… They’re a big company but they’re not too concerned about protecting their artists; If I were Tzuyu I would feel disgusted by this.

7. [+16, -0] Shouldn’t JYP sue them? I feel disgusted even if I’m not a fan

8. [+16, -0] ONCE must report this to JYP right now…

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