EXO’s fandom attempt bus ad demanding Chen’s leave despite his apology → Siheung City rejects it

Siheung City rejects EXO Chen bus ads

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1. [+146, -17] If fans hate him this much, shouldn’t Chen leave for the sake of the other members? Who would want a married idol who lied to his fans?

2. [+139, -20] He’s so stubborn. I understand that being a member of EXO makes a big difference in his life but he should leave if his fans hate him this much… He should voluntarily leave the group, he’s already rich, why is he being so greedy~ I guess he agrees to live an embarrassing and humiliating life as long as he makes a lot of moneyㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+106, -7] My friend is trying to get rid of his fan merch. She can’t even put it up to give away because no one would want to buy it.

4. [+26, -21] Are you guys antis? I don’t understand why you want to run this ad in a city his parents live in.Idols are people, too. He’s at the age where he can start a family. Why can’t he continue being a member? Instead of saying “you’re not a fan, you won’t understand”, please read my comment. You guys are pretty bad trying to run an ad in a city where you know his parents live in.

5. [+26, -6] If he’s stubborn and stays in the group, it’s best he does not act like the victim later. He better not be crying and talking about how he’s sorry to his fans all the time~~ If he continues to ignore them and join promos, they’ll probably do worse to him.

6. [+18, -21] No, but instead of demanding him to leave the group, why don’t you guys leave the fandom???

7. [+12, -7] If Chen leaves EXO, Baekhyun is going to have to sing everything;;; Please protect Baekhyun

8. [+10, -2] EXO fandom is no joke when it comes to dealing with thingsㅋㅋ

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