Singers who won the Daesang Award of ‘AAA 2019’ (Song, Performance, Singer, Album)

Singers who won the Daesang Award of 'AAA 2019' (Song, Performance, Singer, Album)

Song of the year = Red Velvet
Performance of the year = GOT7
Singer of the year = TWICE
Album of the year = Seventeen

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1. Song of the year with Umpah Umpah????? What are the standards?

2. Congratulations to all four groups

3. We know who sold the most albums this year… Why did ‘Umpah Umpah’ win the song of the year? Why did GOT7 win the performance of the year?

4. AAA is the most useless award show I’ve ever seen, we need to eliminate it

5. Congratulations to TWICE and Seventeen

6. No matter how much those are attendance awards, I was hoping that Chungha would get the song award … but…

7. This award ceremony is a joke. Even singers with much better digital achievements attended the awards ceremony but they didn’t get an award for their song.

8. Not attending = There’s no award. The weirdest principle of the award ceremony

9. I don’t know GOT7 because I haven’t watched many of their performances, but I’m not sure about the rest except TWICE.

10. If only you watched GOT7’s stage, you’d understand why they deserved the performance award. Go watch the performance they did today before leaving your commentsㅋㅋㅋ

11. No matter how much those are attendance awards, it makes no sense to not include BTS.

12. Congratulations to Red Velvet, never mind the hate comments

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