Singing ability of TXT Yeonjun, who’s said to be the top vocalist in Big Hit

He covered ‘Paper Hearts’ when he was 19 years old

From his trainee days, it was said that he took first place in the dance / sing / rap category at the end of the month

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1. He reminds me of Jungkookโ€ฆ

2. To be honest, I’m a fan of Big Hit singers, but there doesn’t seem to be any of the members singing as well as the main vocalists of other companies.. Everyone is on sub vocalist level..

3. But why do you write the title like that?

4. The tone is really unique, I think his voice is suitable for pop songs

5. He looks like the main vocalist, but he dances so well

6. Wowโ€ฆ I think he has the same style as Jungkook, their voices match pop songsโ€ฆ

7. His voice doesn’t sound like Jungkook at all? I could hear Jungkook’s breaths and whispers. I think Yeonjun has his own style

8. I’m not a fan, but I know he’s good at singing, dancing, and rapping

9. Please listen to Yeonjun singing ‘Song Cry’, so good and unique

10. I think his and Jungook’s voice is Big Hit’s style

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