SM always pushes Taeyong

The red-haired person in the center is Taeyong

The center is always Taeyong

He always has a lot of parts
He always has a lot of dance parts in NCT units and even SuperM
I think fans who only see Taeyong on NCT’s stages understand this.
Although SM always pushes him like this, he’s not popular in Korea

original post: theqoo

1. If SM had pushed Mark as the only center, NCT would have been better now

2. Taeyong’s face is SM’s favorite face… Why can’t they lose this?…

3. If SM has a conscience, please kick him out of the group. His scandal is causing damage to victims and group

4. If they want to push him like that, let him go solo… What do the other members have to do while they keep pushing him like that?

5. To be honest, he dances well and he’s handsome, but he’s not an irreplaceable member. The other kids are all handsome and dance well. Why can’t SM lose Taeyong? If SM likes him like that, please let him leave the group and go solo

6. Even without his scandals, I think NCT will fail if SM keeps pushing him at that level

7. My heart loves NCT to death even without him… So just leave the group

8. I only know his name and face, but does he have any skills?? ;;;;;;;;;;;;

9. This is really a mystery

10. Looking at the comments, I know everyone has a reason why they don’t like this guy

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