SM cares a lot about Aespa’s outfits

They designed the outfits themselves

The members look prettier because the stylist pays attention to each member’s body shape

++ Red Velvet
IU’s outfits are also made by the same designer, the outfits are so pretty

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1. [+112, -45] Looks like the costumes of Chinese figure skaters

2. [+97, -3] Putting aside whether the outfits are pretty or not, I envy how their coordi takes care of their outfits like that

3. [+79, -27] Am I the only one who doesn’t like those outfits?

4. [+27, -2] They look prettier when they wear them

5. [+17, -0] Oh, is it the outfits in their MV? Those outfits are pretty, but they look so skinny in those outfits