SM Entertainment’s legendary 8-year cycle theory

H.O.T. 1996 (Opening 1st generation)
TVXQ 2004 (Opening 2nd Generation)
EXO 2012 (Opening 3rd Generation)

And the group that debuted in 2020 after 8 years is Aespa
In less than half a year since their debut, they reached #4 on Melon 24Hits chart

Will SM really open the 4th generation this time?

original post: theqoo

1. I don’t know, but I love Aespa

2. But where is the standard for the next generation…?

3. Honestly, I don’t even know what generation idols are, and I don’t agree with this

4. You’re talking about boy groups, why are you suddenly talking about girl groups??

5. Leave Aespa alone

6. Didn’t TVXQ debut in 2013?

7. This post was written by an SM stan..?

8. What is the impact of Aespa? When it comes to EXO, I think of Growl, but I don’t know any of Aespa’s songs

9. TVXQ debuted in 2003

10. What is this?

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