SM “Chanyeol’s private life controversy with ex-girlfriend, no stance”

On October 29, a post was uploaded on an online community by someone claiming to be Chanyeol’s ex-girlfriend. She wrote that she had dated him for almost three years until they broke up recently, and she accused Chanyeol of cheating on her with over 10 other people during the three years. The post has been deleted since.

Later in the day, a source from SM Entertainment stated, “We have no official statement regarding the post.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Wow crazy

2. He’s gonna enlist soon

3. EXO will end here

4. SM also feels ashamed of him..

5. Irene and now Chanyeol, I bet SM staff are going crazy…

6. To be honest, what do you want SM to say?… This is his private life

7. If it’s not true, they should sue her. But why don’t they do anything?

8. What do you think SM should say? This is the best response..

9. Poor SM… Chanyeol should be the one responding

10. He’s a friend of Jung Joon Young, right?

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