SM ‘suspicious internal transactions’ … Lee Soo Man, suspected of receiving more than 10 billion won each year

SM has a ghost company? suspicious transactions

The Korean economic daily reported on the 29th that SM had a “ghost company”. Founder is Lee Soo Man owning 100% of the shares. Music advice, etc., and receive more than 10 billion won each year from SM. In the past five years, 44% of SM‘s operating profit has flowed into this company.

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1.[+812, -63] YG articles on Naver disappear..

2. [+640, -2] We have to investigate all entertainment companies.

3. [+514, -57] Now, Only JYP is left

4. [+180, -5] S: stealthy M: What is it?

5. [+103, -2] It’s… it’s amazing.

6. [+68, -1] SM did more. I don’t think it’s going to be clean.

7. [+56, -0] Now SM looks clean because YG’s power is big? Anyone who’s ever been a fan of a SM singer knows that. There’s been a lot of bad news about the company, and you should dig it up. No way.

8. [+45, -1] Look at this. It’s never going to be on the main page.

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