“SM’s treatment of Sulli’s hate comments, she consistently demanded SM to do something about them”

SM ignores Sulli's request regarding her hate comments

An official from the entertainment said, “Sulli had a hard time dealing with the hate comments. She constantly asked her agency to take proper course of action in dealing with these comments.”

Sulli informed the agency of her situation through her manager, but their response was passive.

SM ignores Sulli's request regarding her hate comments

Last year, SM Entertainment stated that they would be taking the appropriate actions in regards to malicious comments by netizens.

They later commented, “The IP address of the user is registered in a foreign country making it hard search for them. The IP address was made temporarily just for the use of malicious comments, making it hard for us to catch the user.”

The entertainment official stated that things could have turned out differently if they had been a bit more aggressive in finding the user while taking care of the artists’ mental well-being.

The official added that the system needed to be adjusted so that agencies didn’t just focus on popular artists.

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1. [+2290, -38] Look at that, SM isn’t doing anything? She’s your singerㅋㅋㅋ She made you sit on the money throne so you should have reciprocated and answered her request accordingly. Is it too much to ask? Are you only gonna listen after seeing your own singers die every year?

2. [+813, -19] What did you do when fans were saving pdfs?

3. [+643, -10] SM can’t shirk their responsibility. Because they say that negative comments are something all celebrities have to overcome and deal with so they don’t take any action but simply forgive these haters. That’s why everyone is bashing SM

4. [+366, -82] You don’t even need to search far to see. Just yesterday, whenever SuperM’s article was out, it was filled with hate comments in the best replies.

5. [+123, -5] Journalists are writing articles like nothing was the issue. You guys are the issue.

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